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At Sama, I offer a holistic approach to support your health and well-being. After a bike accident left me with chronic shoulder pain, I dedicated my life to studying the modalities that helped me heal;  structural bodywork, somatic movement, and meditation. After a decade of weeding out what works and what doesn't, I'm excited to share wbat I've learned with you.

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Individual sessions.

Group class (online) donation

60-minute session.............................$85

75-minute session...........................$105

90-minute session...........................$125

A 75 or 90-minute session is recommened if this if your first visit.

Save with packages*

3-sessions: Save $5 per session

*Packages are only available for purchase in person at the office.


Conditions I work with.

Conditions range from general muscle tightness, anxiety, hypertension,  or chronic pain. These have included whiplash injuries, rotator cuff injuries, chronic pain conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, trigger points, knots, headaches, and back pain. If you're unsure if your condition is something I can work with, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Structural bodywork.

At Sama, my passion lies in easing pain and releasing restrictions. The modalities I employ are designed to help you recover from injuries, manage or eliminate your chronic pain, and reduce your stress. 

Deep Tissue: Deep tissue uses firm pressure to penetrate deeply into the bellies of your muscles to release long-standing knots, adhesions, and tension. This modality uses a small amount of creme to glide across your skin while affecting the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

Myofascial Release: MFR uses long, deep, sustained strokes to gently elongate and stretch the fascia, or connective tissue, that encases and infuses all of the muscles in your body. This modality uses little to no creme to restructure the fascia below your skin.

Sports Massage: This technique will call upon you to actively move and passively release your muscles. With your help and specific sports massage protocols, we'll release trigger points, adhesions, knots, and restrictions.

Somatic movement.

I offer both individual and group yoga classes to teach people how to improve posture, decrease aches and pains, and move more efficiently in gravity. 

  • Build strength where you're weak

  • Increase flexibilty where you're restricted

  • Balance your strength and flexibility

  • Align yourself with gravity properly

  • Live pain free

Residential classes and events.

Interested in bringing movement to your residence? I bring yoga classes right to you! Click below to learn more about my corporate, residential, and event offerings.

View of Meditation Garden

Join a yoga class online.

Join class from the comfort of your own home! Adam's classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Check out the schedule and begin to move with integrity and intention.

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Join a meditation class online.

Weekly meditation classes are taught via zoom. Each session includes a discussion, a guided meditation, and a chance to ask questions. You'll learn the basics of meditation so you can build and sustain a practice of your own. 

Mindful Living.

Interested in meditaiton? After a decade of practice, I'm excited to share what I like to call "meditation for normal people." No experience necessary and you'll learn the one thing that matters most: how to control your mind.

  • Regulate stress and anxiety

  • Make yourself more "stress-proof"

  • Improve your quality of sleep

  • Improve your concentration

  • Enhance your overall well-being

  • Live with a sense of joy and ease

I teach group meditation classes at the WNC Holistic center as well as residences and offices (either in person or via zoom)! If you're interested in bringing meditaiton to you, get in touch below.


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