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I use clinical massage to support the healing of chronic pain, injury, movement dysfunction, and stress. Sama is Sanskrit for balance. Isn't it about time we found yours? 

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Clinical Massage

My mission is to support your healing, recovery, or performance goals with an individualized approach to care.

About Adam

Clinical massage changed my life. After relieving my chronic shoulder pain I decided to open Sama Therapeutics to pay it forward.


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Why Choose Sama?

Here at Sama, I support your recovery from injuries, posture deviations, and all forms of chronic pain. If you are looking to move and live pain-free, you're in the right place. 

Athletes, artists, and others looking to boost their physical performance will also find a home at Sama. From triathletes and weekend warriors to classical musicians, artists, and dancers, I've got your back (and the rest of your body too).

In addition to helping clients find physical balance, my other passion at Sama is supporting mental and emotional stability. This can be done through sessions on the massage table, or through meditation practices at home.


Individual sessions

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60-minute session..............$85

90-minute session............$125

A 90-minute session is strongly recommended for your first visit.

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What is clinical massage?

Clinical massage is an approach to massage therapy that focuses on pain-relief, soft-tissue rehabilitation, and your body's overall well-being. 

The cornerstone of my approach involves relaxing the nervous system and releasing the muscular system to give you profound, lasting results. Myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue, and neuromuscular massage techniques make the magic happen.

These modalities are designed to release scar tissue, muscle knots, long-standing posture distortions, and old injuries. You'll move with greater ease in as little as one session. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to massage. I will never follow a routine or sequence. I will listen to both your story and your body to determine what we work during your session at Sama.

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Conditions Treated

Neck, shoulder, back, hip, or knee pain

Chronic pain conditions or fibromyalgia

Tendonitis and tendonosis

Carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis

Stubborn injuries or knots

Post surgery restriction and tightness

Rotator-cuff problems and impingements

TMJD, whiplash and more

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Performance and Recovery

Enhance results from Physical Therapy

Supplement your Chiropractic care

Decrease recovery time

Boost blood circulation

Release post-surgery restrictions

Release muscle knots and restrictions

Increase range of motion

And much more

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"Targeted Approach"

I've gotten massages from many people, and Adam is truly special. He's got an approach and a natural sense of what needs to happen in a massage much more than your "feel good spa" time. He gets to problems that I had not had any other massage therapist able to address. I'm bummed that he moved away from Cambridge, but it's Ashville's gain, and if I make it there, I'll schedule an appointment with him!

--Ken, Consultant

Blue Skies

"Massage can be so much more than temporary relief. My goal is for you to experience lasting results so you can get back to living your life."

-Adam DeVito (LMBT NC#18956)