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I use clinical massage to support the healing of chronic pain, injury, movement dysfunction, and stress. Sama is Sanskrit for balance. Isn't it about time we found yours? 

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At Sama, I offer a holistic approach to support your health and well-being. After a bike accident left me with chronic shoulder pain, I dedicated my life to studying the modalities that helped me heal;  clinical massage, somatic movement, and meditation. After a decade of weeding out what works and what doesn't, I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.

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Individual sessions.

Group class (online)............by donation

60-minute session.............................$85

90-minute session...........................$125

A 90-minute session is recommened if this is your first visit. This will give us ample time to explore your specific restrictions and needs.

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Consider clinical massage.

Clinical massage is an approach to massage therapy that is focused on the rehabilitation of your soft tissue. It is a wonderful addition to more traditional therapies, such as physical therapy or chiropractic care. My approach involves a combination of different massage modalities to support the healing of chronic pain, post-surgery stiffness, movement dysfunction, and stress.

Adam is amazing and has helped me so much with my shoulder problems that I’ve been dealing with for years. After seeing physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and others, Adam has by far helped me progress through my injuries the most. He is a great listener who will tailor each session to what you need while also informing you of what is going on. He is super intuitive about the body and I would recommend him whole heartedly to anyone.

-Kyle, musician

If you are struggling with...

  • Neck, shoulder, back, hip, or knee pain.

  • A chronic pain condition or fibromyalgia.

  • Post-surgery tightness or restriction.

Or you would like to...

  • Enhance results from physical therapy or chiropractic care.

  • Improve your performance and recovery.

  • Improve the mobility of your joints.


Deep Tissue: Firm pressure  penetrates deeply into the bellies of your muscles to release long-standing knots, adhesions, and tension. A small amount of creme creates glide while affecting the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

Sports Massage: This technique will call upon you to actively move and passively release your muscles. With your help and specific sports massage protocols, we'll release trigger points, adhesions, knots, and restrictions.

Myofascial Release: MFR uses long, deep, sustained strokes to gently elongate and stretch the fascia, or connective tissue, that encases and infuses all of the muscles in your body. This modality uses little to no creme to restructure the fascia below your skin.

Movement Education: 

After your session, we will go over specific stretches, yoga poses, and/or mobility exercises that you can practice at home to keep your body mobile and pain free long after you leave the office. Enjoy the freedom!

"My goal is for you to experience real, lasting relief.  When you're ready, book your session."

-Adam DeVito (LMBT NC#18956)

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Read what clients are saying

Matt, Boston Symphony Orchestra

The body work I’ve received from Adam over the last few months has been life altering. I came to him with several injuries to my shoulder and before the first massage was even finished I knew I’d be coming back. He has a unique ability to combine his knowledge of physiology with his intuition and is always listening. Adam helped me to turn a sharp corner with my rehab and I’m grateful. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Meet your practitioner

My name is Adam DeVito (LMBT NC# 18956). I have been working with the body for as long as I can remember. My journey began around the age of 7 when my next-door neighbor got a trampoline.  Although I may have been the poster child for “why moms worry,” the trampoline sparked a passion for movement that has yet to leave. It evolved into a competitive diving career that ended at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA where I am the current record holder for both 1m and 3m diving. 

After college, I battled a series of physical ailments that ranged from rolled ankles to separated shoulders. These were brought on by poor posture, repetitive stress, as well as accidents sustained during my daily activities. In order to reclaim a sense of health and empowerment in my life and body, I began practicing yoga. In 2014 I became a certified 200-hour yoga teacher while traveling abroad in Cali, Colombia. I have been teaching ever since and have furthered my yoga education to include over 500-hours of training.

Through all this, there was one injury that led me down the path I currently tread. I had been dealing with a chronic injury in my shoulder for years.  Although both yoga and meditation helped to ease and relieve the pain, I needed something more. I decided to pursue a more direct approach to healing through massage therapy. After one session I had both increased range of motion and decreased pain. I was hooked. A few months later I was enrolled at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy where I learned firsthand how to help manage and improve chronic pain conditions. I learned a variety of techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. I am continually fascinated by the complexity and inter-connectivity of the human body. I completed a cadaver lab at the University of Rhode Island in 2018. This immersion into the human anatomy allowed me to see below the skin. I gained an even deeper understanding and awe of the intricacies of the human body.  When I’m not massaging or teaching yoga, you can find me rock climbing, hiking, reading, fermenting, baking, gardening or drinking tea. 


  • Member: American Massage Therapy Association

  • 720-hour massage therapy certification – Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

  • 200-hour yoga teacher certification – Inbound School of Yoga

  • 300-hour yoga certification – Down Under School of Yoga

  • 20-hour myofascial release I workshop​

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"When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy."


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